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Stüardessa qızlardan cazibədar fotolar

  • Bilgi.az
  • 28 Aprel 2014 15:01
  • 1 446 Baxış
Stüardessa qızlardan cazibədar fotolar

Son zamanlar stüardessaların cazibədar şəkilləri internetdə tüğyan edir. Avropa hava şirkətinə məxsus təyyarədə işləyən xanımlar internetdə öz fotolarını paylaşıb.

Publika.az sizə həmin şəkilləri təqdim edirik:


Flight attendants across the skies are posting mile-high selfies in the latest internet craze


The young hostesses are seen in the pictures pouting with heavy makeup and dark sunglasses, among other things


Others are smiling sweetly with an empty cabin behind them


Some are posing with their fellow attendants, glamorizing their high-flying job

The girls, many of which appear to be from European airlines, are embracing the craze


In another selfie, a lovely-looking stewardess is seen on a seat, holding the speaker to her ear

But while the young ladies mean no harm some say they could wind up fired for posting the pictures of themselves in uniform


This young attendant writes in the caption that she can't wait to fly a plane herself


Because airlines go to great lengths to protect their image, some say the girls could lose their jobs for posing in uniform

This hostie posed outside the aircraft

The craze has taken off just recently but with social media, it has spread fast

However, some airlines say posting such selfies are fine as long as they are wearing the uniform correctly

The ladies display their varying attire in the shots that seem to be most popular in Europe

Crewlife is a popular hashtag for the hosties

Even the captains got involved in this Indonesia group shot



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